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Homeless, hungry cats must hope that Wydell Dixon will find them. Being rescued by Wydell means food, living indoors, being kept warm in the winter and cool in the Texas summer. Wydell and her volunteers have rescued cats (and dogs) from abandoned buildings; construction sites and anywhere a frightened, hungry cat might go seeking safety.

Visiting Wydell is a trip to cat paradise. Stand in the living room or any room of her house and start counting cats. Here's a cat, there's a cat, look - on the shelf, three more. I once counted seven cats in the bathroom. In the garage is the mega line-up of cat litter pans. Around the room cats rest on elaborate climbing/scratching posts, or just sit side by side on a soft cat nest. They have everything they need, abundant food, clean living conditions and above all, Wydell's love and dedication. Whether she finds a home for the new arrivals or not, they will stay here with her . . . like the other 40 cats that make up her average census.

Wydell is an animal advocate, fierce in her war against abuse and neglect, rich in love for the creatures that need her.




May everyone be happy
May everyone be free from misery
May no one ever be separated from their happiness
May everyone have equanimity with freedom from hatred and attachment.