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the keenes
our mission Our main goal is to place orphaned, unwanted and abused animals into loving permanent homes. 
how we operate Animals that are brought to us receive immediate medical care. This includes spays or neuters (if old enough), all necessary shots, wormings, and any extra care that may be needed for cats, kittens, dogs and puppies.  All of our animals undergo medical evaluation and treatments if and when necessary.
health The Keenes Rescue prefer to use all natural foods and products when possible to prolong and improve the lives of our animals. We also believe in alternative, or holistic, remedies as a complement to traditional medicine. We work with both a regular clinic and a "naturopathic" vet. 
please help us There are thousands more homeless animals in our community who need help. We are predominantly funded through donations by animal lovers such as yourself. Your support will help us continue and grow our humanitarian efforts. 
where we are Gail and Doug Keene are long time residents of a small community in Southern Georgia, near Tallahassee, Florida.

My favorite memory of Gail begins with her ringing my doorbell clutching a can of dog food. Could I use your microwave, Gail asked. I'm feeding some puppies at a dumpster on the Morven Rd. And that sums up Gail; on her way home from work to take care of more dogs, cats and horses but these puppies needed warm food. Of course, they ended up at Gail's place soon after.
The following is a brief account of what the Keene's do for animals.

                                "...We are in a very poor area and salaries are not high scale for us either.
                                                                        We simply do without.  Believe me, the trade off is worth it!.."


May everyone be happy
May everyone be free from misery
May no one ever be separated from their happiness
May everyone have equanimity with freedom from hatred and attachment.