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doris stone


It is a sad day here at Right Action and for all of the many people who knew Doris Stone.

Doris died in an automobile accident Saturday, January 29, 2005 in Houston Texas. 

In her life Doris accomplished great things. She was an advocate for the helpless and gave her life to making children safe. Besides having a huge heart, Doris was intelligent, meticulous, wise and filled with humor. Even though she saw many sad difficult situations Doris remained optimistic and inspired others to be more giving and kind.

Doris was a hero to social workers, nurses and doctors who witnessed her devotion over many years time to those most in need.

She will be missed by her husband, Guenter Haas, Ronald, Patricia, Eric, Kenneth, Corinna, Julie, Angie, Refi, Anya, Shaquita, Christopher, Christina, Shawna, Robbie, Vivian, Glenda, Tonisia and her grandchildren.

Many of us will be repeating a  Buddhist chant which follows:

          Gate, gate, paragate, parasamgate, bodhi svaha.

This means Gone, gone, gone beyond, altogether gone beyond, altogether free at last.

Another suggestion is to recite the Path of Compassion for the Deceased as found in  Living meaningfully, Dying Joyfully by Geshe Kelsang Gyatso.

All who knew Doris have been blessed.

a day in the life of Doris...   photo gallery

Doris has this one wish for the people who read her story. " I want
people to think of the difference they could make if each family
took one child into their family. The foster care system is struggling
in every state and each of us could change a child's life
from one of sadness to one of belonging and joy."
Doris Stone made the rescue of children her life's work.
Born in Germany at the start of the Second World War, Doris and her mother struggled to survive, even leaving Germany for France in order to find work.
Roger Stone, a young American in the Air Force married Doris and brought her to the United States.  Roger then was posted to Korea and took Doris and their three children along. Shortly after their arrival Doris met Europeans who had come to Seoul to adopt Korean orphans.
When Doris saw the condition of these babies in the orphanages she went into action. The children had little food, no medical supplies and very little chance of surviving. Doris and Roger fostered 27 adopted babies by taking them into their home until the paperwork could be completed for the flights to their new homes. Doris and Roger adopted one of these babies, Kenneth, who now lives in Houston, near Doris.
In 1976 Doris and her family, now numbering 4 children, moved to Houston to care for Roger's mother. At this point, Doris entered into her life's work; rescuing and loving abandoned and abused children. During this time, Doris fostered 276 children. " I decided to adopt the children, because I had to be able to tell my kids that they were safe with me, that no one would move them again," Doris said.
Doris has adopted 14 children, Kenneth being the first and all the rest in the Houston area. All are of mixed race and all have health problems.
Four siblings, Corrina, Julie, Refi and Angie have fetal alcohol syndrome. Their mother gave birth to nine children before her husband beat her to death.
The twins, Christina and Christopher are the victims of cocaine abuse by their mother.
Robbie weighed just under a pound at birth and when he was sent home from the hospital his mother failed to care for him. He and 2 others were being transferred to nursing homes, " to die" according to Doris, when she heard about their needs.
Troy, now 14 is micro-cephalic and has Cerebral Palsy. He is on breathing support.  (Update on July 18, 2003:  Troy passed away June 27. He was the oldest of Doris' adopted children and was not expected to live more than a year after he came to live with Doris. Troy died a few days before his fifteenth birthday. The superior  loving care that Troy received extended his time with the Stone family by 8 years.)
Glenda was sexually abused while with her mother and also has Cerebral Palsy. She was so frightened of women with dark hair that Doris colored her own hair blond to help Glenda become used to her.
Tonishia was revived after being underwater 30 minutes and is also on breathing support.
Shaquita is autistic.
Shawna is a Down's syndrome child.
Anya has a life threatening illness.
Vivian's mother sold her for drugs to a man who called Protective Services.
Of the 14 children, two are on respirators and 5 have feeding tubes.
Roger Stone died in 1997. Doris now in her 60's has the help of a childhood friend from Germany who moved to Texas to help her when Roger became ill.
In the past year Troy has been hospitalized near death, Angie has had surgery to repair her feeding tube and the bedridden children need 24 hour care. Doris has some nursing help but the work of caring for 14 children with mental, physical and psychological problems is never ending.
Last year one of the girls was sexually abused at school. Even though she identified her abuser, the school refused to help Doris and she has withdrawn the children from the local school system.
Doris plans to move to Florida to provide a healthier environment for the family. Life near refineries and petro-chemical plants is not good for any of the children, especially those with breathing problems. Plus, Doris feels that her children have experienced discrimination because of their ethnic backgrounds and their disabilities.
Doris has incredible energy, a tremendous heart and the deep belief that this is the work she is meant to do.

May everyone be happy
May everyone be free from misery
May no one ever be separated from their happiness
May everyone have equanimity with freedom from hatred and attachment.